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23 mars 2013 6 23 /03 /mars /2013 00:15


  Which characters of "Soul Calibur" series do you want in " MUGEN 3D FIGHTERS MEGAMIX " ?

The PooL is made :

- If you want add a character to the list it's okay but only One  ( let a message in the CHAT)
- Only the 10 most wanted will be make
- Characters with no vote will erase each 2 weeks 

Actually i still work on Megaman Volnutt ,Kasumi Doa and Akira Yuki


answer please on mugenguild OFFICIAL TOPIC


  The first vote on  MUGENGUILD result end

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 photo ogre_zps0ae67275.png NeW XboX1 Killer Instinct B.Orchid (100%!!! NEW!!! 020715)
 photo daigo-kazama-actionlines_zps2d290c8d.jpg UMVC3 DANTE NeW(45%)
 photo ogre_zps0ae67275.png Power Stone WangTang (35%)
 photo pai_zpsa8e9224e.png RSchooL AKIRA(30%)
 photo 878013_zpsf390cb21.jpeg MVC3 Deadpool (10%)
 photo images_zps8b5d22b5.jpeg Mk Scorpion(10%)
 photo ogre_zps0ae67275.png TTT2 Ogre (10%)