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1 octobre 2013 2 01 /10 /octobre /2013 15:48

Bonne.Jenet !!!♥♥♥ sprite RiP from KOF-MAXIMUM IMPACT REGUL.A

My 3rD rip from that game and i want to rip moooore ^^

I really really make her in my GAME Mugen 3D FIGHTERS MEGAMIX!!!

WHat do you think about that ?...



and here come one of the most wanted in my game

DANTE rip from UMVC3



(Daizuke i hope you like it !)


you can see more on my forum i just update it

go and just click on the picture to see more

( like AKiRA From RIVal SchooL)

i will put in few days ( sangoku from DBZ budokai, SHenLong from bloody RoaR and a lot of my Killer instinct 3 work  ...)

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Published by caraibandragonfury
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B.jenetfan 19/02/2014 00:58

B.Jenet OMG !!!!!

You have to work on her <3

fher 12/11/2013 18:02

I have seen your chars friend seem very good, I've done several of king of fighters maximum inpact, did I'd bring to please suggest the alternative mai king of fighters maximum inpact .. I really like it and all mugen chars there!

LordMangix 18/10/2013 21:53

Dante Umvc3 For Mugen Omg!!!!!! , after this i can rest in peace =..)

daizuke 01/11/2013 02:26

that is my request hahaha .. sir eLiveFdragon is so kind .





 photo ogre_zps0ae67275.png NeW XboX1 Killer Instinct B.Orchid (100%!!! NEW!!! 020715)
 photo daigo-kazama-actionlines_zps2d290c8d.jpg UMVC3 DANTE NeW(45%)
 photo ogre_zps0ae67275.png Power Stone WangTang (35%)
 photo pai_zpsa8e9224e.png RSchooL AKIRA(30%)
 photo 878013_zpsf390cb21.jpeg MVC3 Deadpool (10%)
 photo images_zps8b5d22b5.jpeg Mk Scorpion(10%)
 photo ogre_zps0ae67275.png TTT2 Ogre (10%)