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27 août 2013 2 27 /08 /août /2013 22:33


I try my best but the sprite is very very old to appear in my game, i'm a huge fan of Eiji 

but i can't put that sprite in my game :( sad ... but this is reality


Big Hommage to "BATTLE ARENA TOSHINDEN" stay in my heart for ever ♥♥♥


I will make a big announcement in few dayz ... stay focus Mugen3DFMM better than ever !

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Published by caraibandragonfury
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In my opinion, much better Dragonballs! As they say, to each his own!

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Oh, I love this mod! Streetfighter will live forever)

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Wow, is this all the same Street Fighter? I have such nostalgia ...

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